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Who We Are

Don’t Stop Dreamin’, (a 501c3 non-profit organization) provides for the fulfillment of resident DREAMS in the Quality Life Services nursing, rehab and personal care homes throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Did You Know?

Don’t Stop Dreamin’ was founded in 2005 by Mary Susan Tack-Yurek, Chief Quality Officer at Quality Life Services. She recognized that many residents in nursing homes and senior communities had unfulfilled DREAMS and desired to find a way to bring those DREAMS to life! DREAMS are an important special event in a resident’s life... especially because many residents face the loss of their independence, health, livelihood, or a loved one

From Idea to Reality

  • On average, Don’t Stop Dreamin’ grants 1 DREAM per week at an average cost of $150.
  • There are no income restrictions and residents can be of any age.
  • Residents must be cognitively, emotionally and physically capable of communicating and experiencing the DREAM.

Who We Serve

Don’t Stop Dreamin’ fulfills the dreams of residents at Quality Life Services homes, located in seven counties through Western Pennsylvania.

Quality Life Services

Board of Directors

The Don’t Stop Dreamin’ Board of Directors meet monthly to discuss upcoming dreams, review applications and to discover new fundraising avenues.

  • President: Mary Susan Tack-Yurek (Quality Life Services)
  • Vice-President: Shirley Simpson
  • Secretary: Lynda Pitzer (Quality Life Services)
  • Treasurer: Holly Reedy (Quality Life Services)
  • Board Member: Thomas (T.J.) Sliwinski
  • Community Relations Coordinator: Patty Kirkpatrick
  • Administrative Coordinator: Sue Tack